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lateral science The Young Man's Book of Amusement
This wonderful book was published in 1854 and it contains gems of Victorian experimental science. It`s unpromising, mildly suggestive title belies a veritable cornucopia of experiments, including the macabre "Galvanic experiments on the dead body of a criminal"

lateral science The Cross Over Between Peptides and Sarms explained 
Sarms and peptide products 
have been sold online now for many years, offering a fascinating array of treatment for all sorts of ailments in medical and scientific studies. 

lateral science EDISON -- The Menlo Park DRUGS BARON
Thomas Alva Edison, you stand accused of the supply of poisons and dangerous drugs for human consumption. Namely Heroin, Strychnine and Opium

lateral science Martinus Van Marum "discovers" a light blue gas in 1785 with the help of Mr. Cuthbertson
Ozone liquifies as an explosive indigo-blue liquid & solidifies as violet crystals

lateral science Victorian Nitrogen Laser
A letter from Glitch to Faraday, dated June 1856, would appear to indicate the observation of laser action in air, more than a century before Maiman first demonstrated his ruby laser.

lateral science Hittorf`s Metallic Phosphorus of 1865
Smithell`s cold flame, phosphoretted hydrogen & will o` the wisp, phosphorus agriculture - farming for bones

lateral science Mr. Perkins` Extraordinary Steam Gun of 1824
One thousand shots per minute, using 900psi steam.

lateral science Fulminating Oils - Sweat of the Devil
Two sensitive high-explosive liquids & fearless scientists with missing body parts

lateral science The Ernest Glitch Chronicles
Anarchic Experimental Science in Victorian Weardale, with an account of the 1855 Grand National at Aintree.

lateral science An Excellent Van de Graaff Design from 1938
500kV and 200uA from this four foot high electrostatic generator.

lateral science Beagle 2 - A 19th Century Hybrid Coal / Liquid Nitrous Oxide Powered Rocket
Busty seam coal & laughing gas propels scientific probe into space, successfully launched 24th July 1863 from Weardale, returning 30th June 1908 over Siberia

lateral science Experimenting with Weapons-Grade Fissile Material in the Home
The Spinthariscope - Crookes` Turbulent Luminous Sea

lateral science Fulgurites - Tubes Formed by Lightning
Darwin`s observations from South America 1832

lateral science Fullerenes Discovered in Victorian England
A letter from Ernest Glitch (son of Mad Judge Glitch) to Michael Faraday appears to note the crystallisation of C60 some 150 years before Kroto.

lateral science Writing Under the Shell of an Egg
How can one be without this essential life-skill?

lateral science Cloud Chambers
Apparatus to render visible the tracks of swift electrified particles such as californium fission fragments

lateral science Gas of Lucifer, the Tiger of Chemistry... Fluorine
Fluorine is the most reactive element. Its isolation proved to be one of the most difficult problems in chemistry. Horrendously poisonous, devilishly corrosive, many 19th century chemists were killed or mauled by the tiger.

lateral science Victorian Liquid-Fuel Rocket Engine
An account of the use of hypergolic propellants and deLaval nozzles in 1856.

lateral science Colloidal Growth
The "chemical garden"

lateral science Coolidge uses 200kV Lenard Rays to Punch Holes in Rabbits Ears
Also the profuse growth of snow-white hair is induced

lateral science Alchemy: a Pseudo-Science
A monograph by Henry Smith Williams. "You forget, sir, I have been only five hundred years in your service."

lateral science Victorian Tesla Coil, with reference to a possible medieval Coil.
A letter from Glitch to Michael Faraday appears to note the discovery of Germanium some 30 years before Winkler. The main body of the correspondence concerns a lightning machine.

lateral science A Method of Electro-Plating Lizards
Twenty Six Articles Concerning Electricity, by John Munro 1915

lateral science Getting Gold
A complete book on-line : Getting Gold, A Practical Treatise for Prospectors, Miners, & Students.
J.C.F. Johnson 1898.

lateral science Artificial Volcanism
"The earth will swell up and burst, and flames will issue out"

lateral science Boxing day 1799. Humphrey Davy Encloses his Head in a Box Full of Nitrous Oxide Gas.
"Nothing Exists But Thoughts!" A quote from Davy, off his head on 57 liters of nitrous oxide, in an attempt "to produce excitement equal in duration and superior in intensity to that occasioned by high intoxication from opium or alcohol."

lateral science 19th Century Jet-Powered Flying Machine in Weardale
Manned Flight achieved long before the Wright Bros., using Multiple Valve-less Pulse Jets

lateral science Red Sprites & Blue Jets
Early documentation of these unusual luminous electrical discharges, which dart from thunderclouds up towards space. Chapter 7 of "Rudimentary Electricity" by Sir W. Snow Harris, third edition 1853.

lateral science Pyrotechnic Magic
Unbelievably dangerous magic tricks for the magician with a death wish, from 1948

lateral science Lord Rayleigh`s Active Allotrope of Nitrogen
"A whirling cloud of brilliant yellow light"

lateral science The Most Powerful Rock Ever Found
A Belgian man in a pith helmet irradiates his gonads with seven tons of uranium ore

lateral science The Production of Fine Bluish Crystals of Aluminium Nitride
An interesting experiment using atmospheric diffusion

lateral science Victorian Cyclotron
E. Glitch bombards diamonds with high energy particles to produce coloured 'fancy' stones. His equipment, mentioned in a letter to M. Faraday, pre-dates that of Lawrence by some 73 years

lateral science Atomic Hydrogen Blowtorch
In 1926 Langmuir invented this electrical dissociation blowtorch, capable of attaining 3700 degrees C. Melt tungsten, vapourise diamond!

lateral science The Flesh Transducer
Using high-voltage discharges to produce sound from living human flesh

lateral science Glowing Radium Chloride
"The result of our experiment proved that there were in reality new radioactive elements in pitchblende, but that their proportion did not reach even a millionth per cent!" - Marie Curie

lateral science Glitch Constructs Hypersonic Gun
Upper Weardale was impacted by several projectiles in late 1857, in Glitch`s words, "Velocities approached 70,000 furlongs to the hour, Bishop."

lateral science Helix Chemica
The Periodic Spiral, a helical representation, drawn in 1937, illustrating the relationship of the elements.

lateral science Safe Breaker`s Tools
A complete burglar`s outfit for opening safes and strong rooms, 1929

lateral science "Tore off both legs from the unfortunate M. Hervy"
Unwise experiments with liquified gases

lateral science 1858: First X-Ray?
Rupert Glitch photographs his own bones

lateral science Leyden Jars & Leyden Batteries
"...was discharged through and upon various kinds of matter, its force was quite irresistible."
"....disappeared in a cloud of blue smoke, from which fell red-hot globules of tin."

lateral science Fluorescence of CaF2 (Eu) with 337.1nm laser?
Are Glitch`s observations reliable?

lateral science GOLD - an element of beauty & violence
General auriferous subjects including Fulminating & Scottish gold

lateral science The Footsteps of a Fly
Professor Hughes` flystep amplifier from 1877

lateral science The Glitch Sporting Bathyscaphe
Accounts of the use of this extreme depth marine hunting vessel.

lateral science "A large globe of bluish fire struck Professor Richman on the head, and he instantly expired"
Highly dangerous experimentation with lightning.

lateral science 135 Chemistry Experiments from 1888
".... the gas in the flask is the most poisonous known, and a single bubble of it inhaled is said to have killed the discoverer."

lateral science The Evolution of the Zip
fascinating fastening

lateral science The Glitch Machine Gun
A fully automatic weapon 24 years before Hiram Maxim

lateral science Strutt`s Radium Clock
"This arrangement is perhaps the nearest approach yet made to perpetual motion."

lateral science Explosive Antimony
This allotrope of antimony, by its very nature, is of absolutely no use as a practical explosive

lateral science Oft Overlooked Innovations Within Van de Graaff`s Original Patent of 1935
A feebly conductive coating on the supporting column overcomes corona leakage at opening of sphere, & possibility of replacing charge transport belt with pumped insulating fluid

lateral science Metallic Carbonyls
Gilbert T. Morgan, O.B.E., F.R.S. describes unusual compounds such as nickel carbonyl, a colourless volatile liquid

lateral science A Wimshurst Machine, Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Philip & The Bishop of Durham
The Queen may have required a change of underwear after an electrostatic demonstration during her Silver Jubilee in 1977

lateral science Tesla Coil
A 5MV pressurised oil immersed bipolar tesla coil by Breit 1930

lateral science Hydrogen Metal
Hydrogen exists in a metallic state in the core of Jupiter. It has been momentarily created in the laboratory using this self destructing apparatus

lateral science Radon Collection
The collection of radon from radium salts is extremely perilous, because of the extreme radioactivity.

lateral science Spectacular Isolation of Metallic Potassium & Sodium by Davy, 1807
"...sometimes violently exploded and separated into smaller globules, which flew with great velocity through the air in a state of vivid combustion, producing a beautiful effect of continued jets of fire."

lateral science Observation of Light Emission from Electrically Stressed Silicon Carbide Crystals
Early LED? A letter to Faraday

lateral science Galvanic Reanimation of the Dead
The exploits of nineteenth century scientists with electrical batteries and corpses.

lateral science The Laboratory of Ernest Glitch
An illustration of his apparatus for the synthesis of an organic compound

lateral science Mechanical Television
The early equipment (patented by Nipkow in 1884) was simple and consisted of rotating discs with spirally placed holes

lateral science Fictional Influence Machine
Predating Wimshurst`s electrostatic generator, using hemispherically terminated charge carriers

lateral science Slickensides Galena & Other Naturally Occurring Explosives
Siberian Marekanite, natural Prince Rupert`s drops. Detonating Derbyshire Galena, Higginbotham narrowly escapes crackingwhole explosion. Lanchester Witherite, collector`s dismay.

lateral science Moist Conductors of the Second Class
Contact Electrification by Prof. F. Sanford, 1915

lateral science The Plate Glass Electrical Machine
Pages 61 - 65 from Rudimentary Electricity, Sir Snow Harris, 1853

lateral science Weapon of Mass Destruction in Victorian Times: The Coal-Dust Flame-Thrower
Horror weapon invented in Weardale by Glitch. Also in 1862, his assistant noted the depletion of U235 in pitchblende from Oklo, and suggested that a natural reactor could be the cause of the isotopic anomaly.

lateral science Doctor Diode
Dr. Diode, Practitioner of Experimental Exotica, Unleashes the Primal Energies of the Universe in a Series of Terrific Science Japes.

lateral science The Operation of a 1950`s Cyclotron
"Cleaning a cyclotron is neither an easy nor a pleasant job"

lateral science Etizolam Vendor
"benzodiazepines mechanism of action, size effects, dosage & more

lateral science The Science of Pool
Investigations into the Physics, Psychology & Pharmacology of Pool

lateral science Archived Science Radio Programmes from the BBC
From Murder with Mercury to Beagle 2, (a small dog on mars).

Lateral Science Inverted Lateral Science Inverted
Antipodean anecdotes of an unusual nature

lateral science Lateral Links
For your Perusal & Delectation, items of interest elsewhere on the web

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